Life change per square foot

45 Wonderful Years

Since 1970, under the leadership of our amazing God, Cogun has been in the business of helping churches expand their facilities to house worship and ministry. Through the years, Cogun has seen its ups and downs like any other organization. Cogun learned from what worked and what didn’t work as the Cogun team (a group of amazingly committed and hard-working individuals) completed nearly 690 projects and consulted with almost 2,000 building committees.

In recent years Cogun has been diligent at working its way out of a significant decline in the religious construction market until one day it became clear that, after approximately three quarters of a billion square feet of ministry space, it was indeed time to bring the plane in for its final landing.

The Cogun team wishes to extend their sincere gratitude to the many friends, industry partners, and quality churches and congregations who have been cheering us on all through the years. You have been angels with skin on.

Our corporate motivation has been characterized by the phrase, “Life Change Per Square Foot” because we were in the business of creating space as a tool for the redemption and restoration of the human condition – something that far outlasts bricks and mortar.

We invite you to participate in celebrating what our amazing God has done through Cogun. Feel free to visit our Facebook Page to share what Cogun means to you.

Thank you for letting us serve you!